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***  Support At Paw-Fit Pet Services  ***


We are offering a not for profit service to support people with their pet care at a time of crisis – when it's most needed!


We know that many of you need some help with your pets and many of you would like to help a

neighbour with their pet but want to make sure you are keeping everyone as safe as you can do.

This is a not for profit service, but we do need to cover our costs for things like, equipment, insurance and admin costs . We have costed this at the very competitive rate of £5 per visit.


Need Help With Your Pet


We will assess, advertise and match you with a suitably trained and DBS checked individual. We are fully

insured to provide pet care and will provide your support person with all the equipment needed in

line with the current guidelines.  

To check eligibility please Email us for more information at:



Become A Volunteer


If you want to become a DBS checked volunteer and would like the backup and support of an organisation. We

can train you, provide you with all the equipment you need and you will be insured to provide pet

care to someone in your area.

Email us for more information at:


Tel.  07974387237

Or Find Us on Facebook @pawfitpetservices