All our homes are in the Old Town area of Swindon, Wiltshire.  This means we can provide support to each other as and when it is required, ensuring your pets are never left without the human care and attention that they deserve.  Our Family is Your Family!


Alex and Wayne

Alex and Wayne’s home is very busy with frequent and occasional visitors sharing the comforts (& often the best seats!) of their home.  Their home provides accommodation for dogs that are comfortable in a multidog household.  They also provide some day care.  Both Alex and Wayne are dog first aid trained.


Caroline Pocock

Caroline grew up with dogs and continues to look after her parents dog when needed.  Caroline works as a self-employed hairdresser and felt that full time dog ownership did not suit her at this time.  Caroline along with her partner Innes offer a dog free home and enjoy nothing more than long leisurely walks with a four-legged guest.


Roger Marsden

Alex knew Roger during a time when Roger had two miniature Schnauzers who sadly passed away around 2 years ago and only 3 months a part.  Roger is a retired gentleman who has a love of traveling and takes long holidays of around a month at a time.  He also felt that, although he had not lived without a dog in his life for many years he couldn’t commit to having another dog full time. Boarding for Roger has given him the ideal excuse to catch up with all his like-minded dog owner friends without having to commit full time, enabling him to have those well deserved retirement holidays, who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds!  Roger is Dog First Aid Trained.


Cilla and Andrew Kirkman with Holly

Cilla and Andy have Holly who is a lovely flat coat retriever X Labrador.  Cilla and Andy are real outdoorsy types!  They love nothing more than being outdoors roaming around the countryside.  The have a love for wild camping and canoeing!  All of which Holly does too!  They also have chickens but these are kept safely away in a separate part of their garden.  Andy is a self-employed carpenter so he also sorts out all our little wood working jobs!  While Cilla is a qualified nurse working part-time hours now, in diabetes  (since 1993) and our local hospice  (since 2014).  Cilla and Andy are Dog First Aid Trained.

Adrian Rogers

As a self employed dog walker, Adrian will mainly be helping us out with group walks. Adrian grew up with boxers, beagles and a rottweiler, as well as looking after his large family’s current cocker spaniel, tibetan terrier and bission frisse. Adrian loves walking and mountain biking, helping to run a local club, as well as his own mountain bike coaching business. business called Mud-Dynamics, if MTB is your thing you can also contact him directly through Adrian is dog (& human!) first aid trained.