Day Care Up to 10 hours between 7:30am – 7:30pm

• £20  (NB  *Price Rise Due1st April 2021 £22.50 per day)

Home Boarding 24hr

• £25/24hr Period  (NB  *Price Rise Due1st April 2021 to £27.50/24hr period)

(Boarding is booked by 24hr period  up to +3 hours on the final day

Over 3 hours will incur a day care charge as above)

Each Home has been accredited as                awarded by Swindon Borough Council


Alex and Wayne Giles                     License Number:  18/1229/LADHB

Cilla and Andy Kirkman                 License Number:   18/1230/LADHB

Roger Marsden                               License Number:   18/1231/LADHB

Caroline Pocock                              License Number:   19/0118/LADHB